MTBMonkey On April - 27 - 2011

Having ridden this event last year, I thought I would instil some of my vast wisdom of the race onto those of you foolish enough to have entered this year.

In no particular order:

1. Don’t take a big camel back, ideally none at all, when full of water, its heavy, and you don’t need to carry that much between check points. Only carry enough + a bit extra to see you between each one.

2. Use energy drink and gels, calculate how many you need per hour (2-3 per hours should be about right for most), also take energy powder sachets to put in your bottle at the stations, you might need to put some of these in the feed bags as they can be bulky.

3. Don’t bother putting any supplies in the feed stations before 50 miles, you should be able to carry almost everything you need for the full race.

4. If you have used enough gels you shouldn’t need too much extra food, but you might want some solid bars etc. just in case to add some solids. Or just eat the free food at the check points.

5. Don’t take pork pies or any other high fat crap, it might be nice with a pint, but it wont make you ride any faster. (Yes, really, some people did).

6. There are a lot of loose sharp rocks on the trails, use new tyres, something faster rolling, but with a bit of meat on.

7. Use air cartridges (carry enough for 3 punctures), they work quicker, but carry a pump, just in case.

8. If you use tubeless take a tubeless kit and a spare tube or 2.

9. If tubed, take 2 spare, and consider putting a spare in the last few check points.

10. Use sun cream and midge repellent, you going to be out there for a while and the midges will attack as soon as you stop anywhere.

11. Don’t go off too slow, you don’t want to burn out either, but its better to get the miles knocked out as quick as possible.

12. Train lots before hand, 3-5 hr road rides once a week at steady state + your normal stuff should set you up, you don’t need to have ridden a 100 miles before.

13. Don’t think it will be easy.

14. Don’t go a bit mad, you might find yourself on your own a lot, if you get the chance to ride with someone for a bit, take it. (talk to them about how much you are enjoying it, etc.)

15. Concentrate, its easy to go off course even on the flat fire roads, its not difficult to hit 40mph on the descents either.

14. Dont mince about at the food stops, in and out no messing.

15. Dont do it single speed unless you are very fit.

16. Do what works for you even if that means taking a pork pie.

16. Finish, gaining a man badge in the process.

17. Take the week off afterwards to recover.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself, its a great event.

Last years report

PS. The above is not intended as advice, if you fall off riping your sack open in the process dont come running to me looking for someone to blame. You signed the disclamer, and remember have fun.


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