MTBMonkey On August - 8 - 2011

Well glad thats over, pain and suffering aside, was a fantastic event again, Team DVATC/ managed a podium finish on our first attempt at in the 24hr Pairs cat.

A fairy dry one by SITS standards, except for that lap about 6pm when the torrential rain turned the wooded section about half way round to clay, which stopped the wheels going round. Running holding the front wheel off the ground, dragging the back was great fun!

32 Laps completed in 24hrs 20mins, about 135miles each, feeling it today though. One major chain disaster in the night which lost us close on 20mins, could have been close for 2nd. What if, What if, the post race analysis still continues!

Here’s some photos:

SITS 2011

There is always someone looking to take the difficulty to a new level

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  1. […] it was taken quite near the start of that lap (that hill might not look much, but it was steeeeep). I stumbled upon it at, and for that I am very grateful. If any of the guys there ever find this and have the full res […]

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