MTBMonkey On August - 10 - 2011

I was due a new drive chain, but after looking at the price of RaceFace and Shimano XT I was not impressed. £90 or more for a set, that’s just too much.

I looked around a bit and found some Aerozine rings, for about £50, a pretty hefty saving, considering an 44T XT ring costs over £50 on its own, but are they any good.

I fitted them to my race bike just before Bontrager 24 12 in July and have just finished sleepless in the saddle on them, I’ve probably done about 300 miles on them, so they have had plenty of chance to wear.

Well no problems so far, in fact I’m very impressed, they look quite similar to Shimano XT, are made from CNC machined 7075AL T6 heated treated Aluminium which is the hardest aluminium used for rings. They have plenty of ramps and stainless steel shifting pins built in, which means smooth shifting.

Weight wise they are on a par with the XT’s, so the weight weenies needn’t worry.

Overall an excellent set for a bargain basement price. I’ve just stuck a set on my club ride hacking bike too.

They are available here


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