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Having ridden this event last year, I thought I would instil some of my vast wisdom of the race onto those of you foolish enough to have entered this year. In no particular order: 1. Don’t take a big camel back, ideally none at all, when full of water, its heavy, and you don’t need to carry that much between check points. Only carry enough + a bit extra to see you between each one. 2. Use energy drink and […]

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Montane Kielder 100 2010 (My race). 5.30 am On any normal day, standing next to a lycra clad bloke in the men’s toilets while we both applied sun cream and midge repellent might have seemed odd, but not to me and not today because this is the Kielder 100, and we need to be on the start line in 30 minutes. My emergency blanket and whistle is packed I’ve got 2 pocket full’s of high five energy gels ready and […]

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